BiSand Anestesia
       ...The Bilanciata Sandwich (Balanced Sandwich) Anesthesia
                that integrates the intravenous anesthesia
                       with an halogenated contribution in a low dosage ...
               by Giovanni Maria Pisanu
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The painting I use
as an opening to all my publications is
the "Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog"
by Caspar David Friedrich.
In my opinion, this image represents
the great lure of our profession:
...the anaesthetist travels beyond a mysterious
and uncertain horizon...
because if today we can claim to know much
about the evolution and development
of the medicines we use,
the unknown yet to be discovered
is just as great.
We will gaze upon this turbulent sea
that lies aheadin a journey
I invite you to embark on with me....

      by Giovanni Maria Pisanu

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